Biography and Artistic Personality:

The artist, Mario Di Martino, was born in Asmara (Eritrea) on 11 November 1938. He lives and works in Rome at Via F.A. Pigafetta 84 - A/5.

A student of master sculptor Ivo Pacini from the Accademia of Belle Arti in Florence, at the Istituto d’Arte in Grosseto, he later continued his research outside any school or artistic current, convinced that modern man must rediscover a new, real expression, not following a single path from the past but making several of his own, missing and remixing them in a synthesis that goes beyond and yet contains each of them.

This was the great wager, now won by this leader of the avant-garde of new techniques in the memory of the past.

There are now many works that show how right his intuition was, works that mark a period in the history of Italian art and that definitely will have a place in the future.

In the interpretive play used to broaden the margins of the visible, the canvases of master artist  Mario Di Martino always contain a subtly delicate vein of  balanced romanticism, a love for nature that he lives out completely uprooted from the dramatic fractures or lacerations of a more or less significant intellectualism. Ours is an instinctive artist who brings together in his particular technique a sensibility outside time or space, eternal in its highest expression. He is an artist who does not choose the content of his works, but has them choose themselves, instinctively, without leaving space for reasoning or rationalization, but carried away by the dialogue the establishes a priori with the subject. Thus an art is created that is not located in any past or present school, but one that encompasses everything in a re-elaboration of exquisite and perfect harmony between the portrayed and the portrayer.

Let us look at the canvas “Porticciolo di Santa Marinella” (“The little Port of Santa Marinella”); numerous boats float on the calm water, lightly brushed by a slight breeze that we seem to feel on our skin and that gives us a sensation of reassuring happiness. Above an imposing construction seems to watch over everything, broadening its gaze over the surrounding landscape in an act of protection that completes this painting where each element comes together in great artistic perfection.

Suggestive backgrounds, that contain the immensity of a heart that expands in its attempt to enclose within itself the entire scenario that fills our sight and senses, run through our veins in an extraordinary hymn of nature and the creation. The maestro Mario Di Martino is a believer outside any defined religion. He believes in the love that connects creation to man, that small and great creature that knows it is part of everything, the symphony of a concert where every note vibrates in unison with every other. It is the colors, the brushstrokes, the light and shadow of his canvases, the special way of grasping the depth  of the sky or the height of the mountains that speak and reveal to us the greatness of an art that creates emotion first all.

Let us look further at canvases such as “Ombrone” (“The Great Shadow”) and “Il Ghiaione” (“The Great Stone”); all the elements come together here in a hymn of thanks for this calm and serene nature, for this silence that pervades everything and raises us up toward the highest atmospheres, in a meditation that goes beyond the figuration of the canvas to enclose the entire world, its questions, such as that which leaves open the river that runs far away, hidden by vegetation. We almost wish to follow its course so as to understand where it arrives. Such is life and its mystery. But the whole does not frighten us. The serene sky, the luxurious vegetation consoles and reassures us.

                                                                                     (M: Battaglia)

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